Northumberland - Burradon
Recreation Grounds : NE23 7PH
The earliest bicycle racing in Burradon was probably the Athletic Sports on 24th July 1880 organised by the newly formed Burradon Bicycle Club, the event was held "in a field belonging to Mr Lacey, Half-way House, Camperdown".

The Morpeth Herald on October 15th 1881 reported that Barrington Bicycle Club "through the kindness and liberality of the Bedlington Coal Company, have laid down an excellent track, seven laps to the mile....and about 3,000 spectators assembled together to witness the inaugural opening of the track".

In July 1882, the Burradon Bicycle Club held its annual race meeting on the track, described as "one of the finest in the North of England". A further meeting was held on the track in September 1882 which included a 10 miles professional handicap. A report on the Burradon and Camperdown Club Sports in 1883 notes that the track had been relaid.

In 1888 the ground is reported to have been enlarged to "five or six acres" with a cricket ground and new spacious dressing and refreshment rooms added. In 1889 the Burradon Athletic Club held their annual sports on the Burradon Recreation Grounds. The Morpeth Herald of August 3rd commented "during the past few months the track, which is six laps to the mile, has undergone repairs, and is in good order".

The Burradon Community Primary School is now on the site of the old track.

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