Manchester - Audenshaw Racecourse - Snipe Inn
Manchester Road : M34 5RP
The Audenshaw Racecourse, behind the Snipe Inn, was originally an athletics track and was built in 1840, it was also used as a coursing ground. The Ashton Reporter dated 18th June 1869 carried an advert for a Great Bicycle Race at the Snipe on the 26th June, the first prize being a bicycle. "The size of wheels to be given on entering, and to be handicapped according to merit. Distance four laps to be run in heats".

In the 1920's Ashton police held their annual sports on the Audenshaw racecourse, which is across the road from Ashton Athletic Ground. The 1926 police sports bicycle events included the 1 mile NCU (Manchester centre) championship.

The Audenshaw racecourse was used for trotting and greyhound racing. Speedway racing was held there from 1928 until it closed in 1934. The site is now housing and a hotel.

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