Huddersfield - Rifle Range
Trinity Street : HD1 4EN
The Huddersfield Chronicle dated June 11th 1870 records the Huddersfield Athletic Festival which "was held in the Rifle Range, Trinity Street in the presence of some 4,000 or 5,000 person". There were 19 events; putting the stone, flat and hurdle races, bicycle contests, walking match, jumping, throwing the hammer and tilting at the ring. The one mile bicycle race "was open to all gentleman amateurs in the town of Huddersfield, the conditions being, as before, three falls from the bicycle being accounted a disqualification". Of the 8 entries, 6 started and George Sykes rapidly shot ahead of his opponents to win in 6 min 55 sec. The winning margin was half a lap of the 243 yard course. "He was cordially saluted by the spectators upon this his second bicycle victory of the day". (He won the slow bicycle race earlier when all the other competitors fell three times).

The Rifle Range on Trinity Street/Park Avenue and Rifle Fields probably is the area of the Rifle Range. Greenhead Park, which still exists, is part of this area.

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