Luton - People's Park
Arden Place : LU2 7YE
Luton - People Luton - People People's Park incorporated Bell's Close Recreation Ground and Pope's Meadow. Bell's Close was used by the Luton and District Cricket League, who rented the ground from the Town Parks Department. The central cricket pitch, known as the ‘centre table' had a track around it that was used for bicycle training and racing as well as athletics.

The Luton Athletic Club held their sports in 1909 on a ‘much improved' cycle track. In 1910 a new club, Luton United Harriers and Cycling Club held their races at People's Park with 6,000 spectators.

People's Park is still a popular park in Luton; it is next to Wardown Park.

--- Luton bicycle racing venues ---

Dallow Lane. 1887 - 1897

Bury Park 1897 - 1905

Wardown Park. 1913 - 1935

People's Park. 1905 - 1910

Vauxhall Motors Sports Ground at Park Street hosted Vauxhall's sports in the early 1930's which included grass track cycle races and in 1939 G Valentine won the ½ mile event. The 1953 sports at the new ground drew a crowd of 6,000. The sports, including cycle races, were held up to the 1980's.

For Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 1897, a sports event was held in the grounds of Putteridge Bury country house (LU2 8UL) and the grass track bicycle events included 1 and 3 miles handicap races. The house is now the University of Bedfordshire conference centre.

Leagrave village, now a suburb of Luton, had bicycle races on grass at the Leagrave Annual Show.

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