Slough - Slough Community Centre Stadium
Belfast Avenue : SL1 3BW
Slough - Slough Community Centre Stadium : Image credit Westerley CC A new concrete track was built at Slough around 1949. The NCU Racing Handbook of 1955 lists Slough Community Centre (Stadium) as a cement track 440 yards, 21 feet wide and banked 6 feet.

There was a healthy Slough Cycle Track League, which held its own Sunday meetings and competed against Reading and Portsmouth track Leagues. The track seemed to have been used through the 1950's by the track league. Reading Wheelers withdrew from the Slough Track League in 1959 and applied to be re-admitted to the Border Cycling Association.

Ealing Manor RC held a club meeting at Slough track in 1960, but there seemed to be little activity at the track after this time. Palmer Park track at Reading was re-surfaced with asphalt in the mid-1950's and was only 17 miles away from Slough, so this may have contributed to the demise of Slough. It is not known when the track closed, but it is now part of the Herschel Sports Centre.

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