Isle of Man - Racecourse - Douglas
Groves Road : IM2 1RB
The race ground started to be used for bicycle racing and the first race there was on August 17th 1875 within the 8th Isle of Man Annual Athletic Festival, the event was a three miles bicycle handicap race. There was a Grand Gala and Fete on September 6th 1875 with foot & bicycle racing, walking, jumping and ball gathering.

Douglas Amateur Bicycle Club organised the August sports from 1876, which became an annual event. On August 23rd 1876 the sports were watched by 4,000 spectators and the bicycle events were; a 1 mile handicap for club members, a 1 mile novice's handicap and 2 and 5 miles open handicap races. The event made a profit of over £19 for the club.

The Douglas Amateur Bicycle Club held an indoor event at the Douglas skating rink, Bucks Road in 1877 on an asphalt track, 28 laps to the mile, where bicycle, running and skating races took place.

The Ellan Vannin BC held their sports at the racecourse on June 7th 1878.

At the Douglas ABC meeting in August 1879 a 5 miles Champion of the Isle of Man race was run for a £50 cup. At the 1881 meeting, all the gate money, amounting to £230 was stolen. The club ran benefit events in an attempt to recoup the lost money.

The August meetings of the Douglas ABC continued in 1882 and in August 6th 1883 there were four bicycle races from one to five miles. The organisers required riders to state the diameter of their drive wheel with their entry for handicap purposes.

The last bicycle racing at the racecourse seems to have been the August 1883 Douglas Amateur Bicycle Club event. After this date, the Douglas held their races at Falcon Cliff.

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