Rotherham - Thurcroft colliery
Sandy Lane : S66 9AF
Rotherham - Thurcroft colliery : Image credit Wiki Commons Thurcroft colliery opened in 1913 and the pit owners began to build housing for the miners, designed by Rotherham architect James Knight. Thurcroft village population grew from very small to 2,000 by 1923, with the pit being the main employer with 2,000 miners.

Thurcroft Welfare Cycling Club was formed in 1946 with Cyril and Ken Downing as members. Their sons Dean and Russell would go on to have top class racing careers.

Grass track racing at Thurcroft was held regularly and the half mile National grass championship was held there on August 21st 1965. Bob Bicknell was was the winner, who then went on to clinch the five miles invitation race.

The track was popular in the late 1980's and the 800m National grass track championship was held at Thurcroft on June 24th 1990.

The colliery was nationalized in 1947, becoming part of the National Coal Board. In 1991, the pit was losing £11 million per year and Thurcroft colliery closed on 6 December 1991.

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