Manchester - Newton Heath Central
Ten Acres Lane : M40 2SP
Manchester - Newton Heath Central : Map credit National Library of Scotland Manchester - Newton Heath Central : Image credit The Manchester Courier of January 28th 1888 reported that the Dean and Canons of Manchester had made five acres of land, that they owned, available in Ten Acres Lane. The site was used by Newton Heath Central (late Ten Acres) Association Football Club.

The football club held their first annual athletics sports at their Ten Acres Lane Ground on June 8th and 10th 1889. The bicycle races on the cinder track were two bicycle races over one and two miles. There was a further sports meeting on August 11th 1888 with one and two miles bicycle handicap races.

Newton Heath Central Athletic Club held their sports at Ten Acres Lane on May 10th 1890 and included two novice's handicap races of ‘about' a mile and two open handicap races of ‘about' 2 miles.

At the August 8th 1891 meeting of Newton Heath Central, there were two bicycle handicap events, a half mile safety and a one mile open race. The meeting was marred by very heavy rain and the finals took place on August 22nd, when again the wet weather kept attendance low at 1,000. This event seems to be the last bicycle racing at Ten Acres Lane.

Ten Acres Lane now has a Sports Complex with football and martial arts facilities. The Centre contains the National Taekwondo Centre, home of GB Taekwondo's Olympic and Paralympic teams.

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