Hull - Alderman Kneeshaw Recreation ground
Barham Road : HU9 4DD
Hull - Alderman Kneeshaw Recreation ground : Image credit Andy Beecroft - Geographia Hull - Alderman Kneeshaw Recreation ground : Image credit Google maps Bilton Grange is a village on the outskirts of Hull, a new estate of 800 houses was built there after the Second World War. A park was built at Bilton Grange, which became known as the Alderman Kneeshaw Recreation ground*. A cycle track was built alongside a cinder running track but the banked cycle track was not finished

The cinder running track is described by Tim Grose as existing in 1962 and was used by Hull Spartan AC and championship athletics meetings up to the late 1970's. After this, it was run down and blighted by vandalism.

Howard Pell remembers racing on the track and kindly provided these comments. "The cycle track was originally supposed to be hard-surfaced but, although the bankings were started, it was never finished and it ended up as a banked grass track. Thanks to the efforts of Phil Roe of Hull Coureurs, a weekly grass-track league was run there back in the early 80's (which I rode) but it never really took off and I think there was some opposition from a baseball club that had long used the inf?ield. It seems that the track and its bankings have now been more or less obliterated, with only vestigial remains of the bankings, which can be seen to the 'north west' of the running track in the photo."

It is likely that the banked grass track was only used in the 1960's. The recreation ground was used for baseball and was the home of the Hull Aces baseball team. Baseball was popular after WWII with around 80 clubs in the Hull area. Hull Aces were national champions four times in the 1960's. Hull Scorpions, now Hull's only baseball team, have played at Alderman Kneeshaw Recreation ground since 2015.

* Alderman H Kneeshaw was chairman of the Hull Parks and Burial Committee and later mayor of Hull. He was a champion of Hull leisure facilities in the 1940's.

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Photos : Andy Beecroft - Geographia, Google maps