Bristol - Fry's Sports Ground
Somerdale : BS31 3JF
Bristol - Fry Bristol - Fry Cadbury merged with Fry's chocolate and built a new factory at Somerdale in Keynsham near Bristol which opened in 1935. The 228 acre site had sports facilities next to the factory. A variety of sports were played on the ground but bicycle races were not included until the annual sports of May 20th 1950, where members of the Bristol South Cycling Club competed in a three miles race with a field of 28.

There must have been bicycle races at least until 1955 as the Somerset Guardian has a photo of bike racing there in 1955.

The Somerdale factory was closed by Kraft foods when production moved to Poland and the site was sold in 2012 to Taylor Wimpey for housing. In 2015 a new leisure facility, called Somerdale Pavilion was built in the site.

Bristol - Fry
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