Kidderminster - Kidderminster Cricket Club
Chester Road North : DY10 1TH
Kidderminster - Kidderminster Cricket Club : Map credit National Library of Scotland Kidderminster - Kidderminster Cricket Club : Image credit Kidderminster Cricket Club Chester Road cricket club opened in 1870. Kidderminster Harriers was originally a running club, formed in the 1877 and they used the Chester Road ground for sports events. Club members started playing rugby in 1880 and Kidderminster Harriers and Football Club was formed in 1886.

The first Kidderminster Harriers' sports to include a bicycle race were held at Kidderminster cricket ground on Chester Road. A two miles bicycle race was included in the meeting, which took place on July 7th 1883. The Harriers' sports continued through the 1880's and were popular with spectators.

The last Harriers' sports at Chester Road were on July 13th 1889. After a very wet morning, the afternoon event ran successfully, but the track was very muddy and slow. Most of the bicycle race competitors were local and Simmonds of Stourbridge, off 140 yards, won the one mile bicycle handicap race in a finish where ‘a good size tablecloth would have covered the first three'. The attendance was 3,000.

In 1890, the Harriers' moved from the Chester Road ground to Aggborough and their sports meetings were then held at the new ground. The Chester Road ground is still the home of Kidderminster Cricket Club and the ground hosts the County Second XI.

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