Boston - Lord Nelson Ground
Liquorpond Street : PE21 8UJ
Boston - Lord Nelson Ground : Map credit National Library of Scotland Boston - Lord Nelson Ground : Image credit Lincolnshire County Council Lost Pubs of Boston The Lord Nelson Ground was a paddock behind the Lord Nelson pub between Liquorpond Street and 69 High Street. The ground was used for football matches and also bicycle races. The grass cycle track was just under four laps to the mile. The first bicycle racing there was in 1891.

A new club, the Boston Cyclists' Club, was formed in 1891, with the intention of holding an annual carnival and race meeting. The club's first event was held on the Lord Nelson Football Ground on September 25th 1881 and attracted about 2,000 spectators. The bicycle events were ½ mile novices handicap, ½ and 1 mile open handicap races.

The rival Boston Bicycle Club must have been stung into activity by the formation of the new club, because they advertised their first annual sports on the Lord Nelson Ground on May 7th 1892. The Boston CC followed with another meeting at the Lord Nelson on June 3rd 1892.

The Boston Cyclists' Club held a race meeting on August 25th 1893 at the Lord Nelson, there were three races 1, 2 and 5 miles and just 200 spectators.

The Boston RC championships had been held on the road from 1886, but when three riders were prosecuted by the police for furious riding*, they moved to the Lord Nelson Ground in 1894 for their championships. The five bicycle events culminated in the 5 miles championship race, with a crowd of 1,500.

Both Boston clubs came together for the August 30th 1895 sports on the Lord Nelson ground. There were lots of bicycle events and championships for both clubs, but the meeting was marred by dawdling in many events, much to the annoyance of the smallish crowd. This was probably the last bicycle race at the Lord Nelson.

The paddock at the Lord Nelson was used for greyhound racing from 1931-2. The Lord Nelson was demolished to make way for A52 inner ring road. The area is now housing.

* Boston BC were not deterred by the police action and ran their road race in October 1894, secretly describing the event as a ‘club run'. They managed to avoid police notice

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