Grantham - Barrack Drill Ground
Sandon Road : NG31 9AS
Grantham - Barrack Drill Ground : Map credit National Library of Scotland The Old Barracks was a former military installation in Sandon Road, Grantham. It is now a Grade II listed building. The Drill ground was used for cricket in the 1870's.

The Grantham athletic sports and pony races were held at the Barrack Drill Ground on August Bank Holiday 1878. There were two bicycle events, an open race "(Open to all England), Amateurs only, for a silver cup and medal." and a race for local riders. No distance was stated. There was also a race between and elephant and a pig, the elephant to have a 200 yards start.

The sports the following year were advertised as being at the North Parade Grounds. The open bicycle race was dropped and the local race was the only bicycle race held. This seems to be the last time that the grounds were used for bicycle races.

The Grounds were used by Grantham school for their sports for many decades and the Grantham Lawn Tennis Club started using the Grounds in 1882. The Barracks was taken out of military use in 1950 and was then used for various purposes before being converted into offices around 1990. The Old Barracks is now occupied by small businesses and the drill ground has been built over with housing.

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