Maidstone - Linton Park
Heath Road : ME17 4HT
Maidstone - Linton Park : Map credit National Library of Scotland Maidstone - Linton Park : Image credit Kent Cricket Linton Park is a Grade I listed building which was owned by the Cornwallis family, and Fiennes SW Cornwallis lived there from 1888. Cornwallis was the president of the Maidstone Invicta Cycling Club. The house is surrounded by 330 acres of parkland and the Cornwallis family, who were keen cricketers, built a cricket pitch and pavilion.

The first track racing at Linton was the Maidstone Invicta CC meeting at the cricket pitch on August 19th 1891. The bicycle events were a two miles open race, a two miles club race, a five miles race for the club championship, a 2 miles tricycle and ordinaries race and a 5 miles inter-club race against Strood BC.

In 1891, the Maidstone Invicta CC held a series of Wednesday track meetings at Barming Heath Recreation Ground (ME16 9LG) and competed for the Cornwallis Cup.

The race meeting at Linton Park was repeated September 11th 1892, but track conditions were poor, as it rained throughout the day. The bicycle races were; a 2 miles handicap for Maidstone Church Institute Club members, 2 miles novices handicap, 1 and 2 miles open handicap, 2 miles ordinary and tricycle handicap and a 3 miles inter-club race between Maidstone and the New Brompton CC.

These two meetings appear to be the only time that there was bicycle racing at Linton Park. In the 1970's the house passed into corporate ownership. Linton Park Cricket Club still play at the ground.

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