Musselburgh - Newfield football ground
Fisherrow : EH21 6HY
Musselburgh - Newfield football ground : Map credit National Library of Scotland Musselburgh track racing venues - bicycle track racing in Musselburgh started in 1889 at the Newfield football ground. In 1896, Pinkie House Park saw bicycle racing and annual sports meetings were held there. When the Mall Park track opened in 1902, it was a very popular, but short lived, home for bicycle racing. The only bicycle race venue to survive in Musselburgh was Pinkie House Park, which held annual races until 1922.

Newfield ground was on the Links at Fisherrow, the ground was owned by Dr Almond and was mainly used for football. The first bicycle racing in Musselburgh was at Newfield on July 30th 1889, when Musselburgh Cycling Club held a sports meeting on a marked out circular grass track. The track was in the centre of the cricket field and ‘The grass was pretty long.' The bicycle events were a one mile handicap race for ordinaries and a similar race for safeties. This was followed by a two miles race for the Club Championship and finally a three miles handicap race. The band of Volunteers played during the evening.

Musselburgh CC held their annual sports on July 31st 1890. There was a 2 miles race for the club championship, and 1 and 3 miles handicap races. The club again held its annual sports there the following year, with the same format, but the number of competitors was quite poor, there were only three riders in the two miles club championship. The club's annual sport were held again in 1892.

Cycling on the Links, which included Newfield, seemed to have been banned by the local council around 1893, which stopped bicycle racing at Newfield. Musselburgh Cycling Club ceased to exist at this time. A new cycling club was formed in Musselburgh in 1898, also called Musselburgh Cycling Club and cycle racing at Newfield resumed after six years.

The new club held their first annual sports at the ground on July 27th 1899, there was a large turn of spectators, but it was a cold and windy evening. The bicycle races were one and two miles open handicap, a ladies half mile scratch race and a fancy dress race. This meeting was probably the last time that bicycle racing took place at the Newfield ground.

Newfield is now used as Loretta School playing fields.

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