Newport - Cattle Market
Pill Street : NP20 2BH
Newport - Cattle Market : Newport - Cattle Market : Image credit People Newport cattle market was held every Wednesday on Pill Street from 1844. The market was in the middle of the town and was probably paved, which may account for the falls in the 1875 races.

The Western Mail of March 13th 1875 advertised a Grand Amateur Athletic Festival to be held on Easter Monday at the cattle market. There were three bicycle races, an open one mile handicap and two challenge matches between David Stanton, champion of England and an ex-amateur champion from Falmouth. The challenge matches, for £25 each, were over two and ten miles, with Stanton conceding 175 yards and 2 minutes respectively. The advertisement required "All competitors to wear loose trousers, reaching below the knee." It was later reported the David Stanton's opponent was a French man and that Stanton won both races easily, although in the ten miles race, Stanton fell and was reported to have broken two ribs, but still won.

This seems to have been the only bicycle racing held at the cattle market, after this, sports in Newport were held on the athletic grounds. The cattle market remained in use until 2009 when it moved to Commercial Street and an Asda supermarket was built on the old site.

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