Liverpool - Greenwich Park Grounds
Melling Road Aintree : L9 0LQ
Liverpool - Greenwich Park Grounds : Map credit National Library of Scotland Greenwich Park Athletic Grounds was built on a piece of land at the south edge of Aintree racecourse around 1889 and there was an 800 yards cinder track on which running, cycling and trotting races were held. The earliest bicycle racing in the area was an Olympic Festival, organised by the Liverpool Gymnasium on August 3rd 1872, which featured a wide range of sports including a 1½ miles bicycle handicap race. There was some bicycle racing on a track in part of the Aintree racecourse as well as racing on Greenwich Park Grounds. It is difficult know which of the two adjacent area were used for which race meetings.

There was not very much bicycle racing at Aintree and what racing there was, occurred around 1890. The Railway sports were held at Aintree on August 29th 1891 with one and two miles handicap races.

Anfield BC held their 50 miles club race on July 28th 1892, which was a sealed handicap. The Anfield diaries report that the track surface was very bad and loose, two riders punctured and at the finish, riders looked like sweeps, they were so black with cinders. There were ten starters and six finishers, all under three hours, the winner was Artie Bennett off scratch in 2hrs 44min. This was probably the last bicycle racing at Aintree.

The Liverpool Echo of July 18th 1891 carried an advertisement looking to let the grounds for parties, galas etc and provide hot water, cups and saucers free.

Greenwich Park Grounds is now the home ground of the Railway team BRNESC FC, which was established in 1904. The Eddie Soens Memorial road race has been held on the nearby Aintree motor racing circuit since the 1962.

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