Blackburn - Leamington Road Ground
Leamington Road : BB2 6JW
Blackburn - Leamington Road Ground : Map credit National Library of Scotland The Leamington Road ground was situated on land between Leamington Road and New Bank Road. Blackburn Rovers moved to Leamington Road from their Alexandra Meadows ground in 1881.

The first Athletics Festival at Leamington, organised by Blackburn Rovers, was held over Saturday and Monday August Bank Holiday 1885. There were one and two miles scratch bicycle races on the first day and a two miles open local bicycle race on the second. The meeting attracted over four thousand spectators. The athletic sports were held annually for the next four years, but attendances dropped a little.

A Grand Athletics Festival was held on the Leamington Ground on August 11th 1888 at which there were one and two miles open handicap bicycle races, there were five flat (running) races, a tug of war and a gymnastics display. Blackburn Rovers joined the Football League in 1888 and the sports meetings stopped. Blackburn left the Leamington Ground in 1890, moving to Ewood Park.

The ground was developed after 1900 for terraced housing and a school.

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