Northumberland - Blyth and Tyne Recreation Grounds
38 Regent Street Blyth : NE24 1LS
George Lacey of the Blyth and Tyne Hotel laid out a piece of ground for sporting purposes and set out a four laps to the miles bicycle racing track. The grounds were known as the Blyth and Tyne Recreation Grounds and were formally opened on July 17th 1880.

In 1880 George Waller's travelling 6 day large tent and track held many events throughout the North East and it is likely that the popularity of these races inspired George Lacey to set up the Blyth and Tyne Grounds and James Roberts (whose brother was a 6 day rider) to set up the Waterloo Grounds in 1880.

The main attraction at the opening meeting of the Blyth and Tyne Recreation Grounds on July 17th 1880 was a two days' bicycle tournament, of six hours per day, to be run on 17th and 24th July 1880. There were five competitors and after the first day, Alex Kidd was leading with 53 miles. At the conclusion of the tournament there were four rider left and Kidd had ridden a total of 118 miles to win the tournament and receive a prize of £12. There was also a competition for amateurs, who rode one hour each session for a silver cup. Attendance at the event was quite poor, which was not helped by the showery weather.

It was unfortunate that George Lacey chose to start his first bicycle tournament on July 17th 1880, which was the same date that James Roberts' second bicycle tournament also started at Waterloo Bicycle Grounds. There would not have been sufficient support to finance two bicycle meetings in Blyth, on the same day.

George Lacey promoted a second bicycle meeting over two Saturdays, August 21st and 28th 1880. There was a two miles professional handicap race, won by long marker T Hedley of Bedlington from W Weeks of Cramlington and W Park of Seghill, the prizes were £3, £2 and £1. There was also a two miles amateur race, which was won by M Lynn of Bedlington, but attendance at the event was quite poor.

After only two tournaments, this was the last bicycle racing at the Blyth and Tyne Recreation Grounds.

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