Northumberland - Broomhill Hotel
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Northumberland - Broomhill Hotel : Map credit National Library of Scotland The first bicycle racing at Broomhill took place at the Broomhill Annual gala, sports and horticultural show on June 19th 1880. The event was held in a field adjoining the Broomhill Hotel and a bicycle track, 6 laps to the mile, was marked out. There was one bicycle handicap race, over ten miles for prizes of £2 for first, 15s for second. The Broomhill Brass Band played at the event and there was a ball in the evening in a large marquee. The event was repeated the following year and from 1882, became known as the Broomhill sports.

The Broomhill colliery annual sports were held on July 31st 1880 and included a five miles open handicap race for cash prizes and a two miles amateur bicycle handicap for a silver cup. The five miles race did not explicitly describe the race as professional, but the two miles was described as amateur. This seems indicative that there was no stigma attached to riders winning cash prizes and the distinction between amateurs and non-amateurs was slim. The Broomhill colliery sports were held until 1887.

At the Horticultural Society Show on August 12th 1882, the Morpeth Herald advertised that George Waller "Champion cyclist has kindly consented to be present, and will demonstrate the science of bicycling during the afternoon." There was also a one mile amateur bicycle handicap race and a one mile tricycle race. The event was held on a field, kindly granted by Gilbert Turnbull of the Broomhill Hotel. The price of admission was 3d.

The 1883 Broomhill colliery annual sports in 1883 were advertised as a Grand Bicycle Tournament, most of the events were bicycle races. The track was described as Mr Turnbull's track, 6 laps to the mile and was within fifty yards of the railway station.

The Coquetdale Cyclist Club held their club annual tournament at Broomhill on September 20th 1884, which included their club championship race and a match against Bedlington CC.

At the 1885 Colliery sports, the first prize in the two miles amateur handicap race was a Dexter bicycle, value £15 given by Messrs Egdell & Co. of Northumberland Street, Newcastle.

Bicycle racing at the 1887 Colliery sports had been reduced to a single race, a two miles amateur handicap. Bicycle racing at the colliery sports struggled on for a few more years, then seemed to just stop after the Colliery sports of 1891.

There was a renewed interest in bicycle racing at Broomhill, which started at the Red Row and District Flower Show on June 30th 1906, where half and one mile open bicycle handicap races were held in a field opposite the Grey Arms. This meeting ran annually until 1913, which was probably the last bicycle racing at Broomhill.

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