Northumberland - Blyth Racecourse
Rotary Way : NE24 3QT
Northumberland - Blyth Racecourse : Image credit Blyth racecourse was used from 1835 until 1840, after that it was taken over by the Blyth Recreation Company. The press records show only two races at Blyth Racecourse at which there were bicycle races. The first race there was a two miles amateur handicap for non-licensed riders, held on September 9th 1893. This was held as part of the horse racing at the Blyth Autumn Race Meeting, organised by the Blyth Recreation Company. Following this meeting, a new cinder bicycle track was laid down. Blyth sports carnival were held on Whit Monday 1894 and included half mile bicycle handicap events for licensed and non-licensed riders, but the entries for this were very poor. This seems to have been the last bicycle race at the racecourse.

The Wellesley Nautical School was built on the racecourse some time around 1900. The area is now housing, around Wellesley Drive.


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