Doncaster - Brodsworth Miners Welfare
Woodlands : DN6 7PP
Doncaster - Brodsworth Miners Welfare : Map credit National Library of Scotland Doncaster - Brodsworth Miners Welfare : Image credit From the Snowdon Sports archives Brodsworth Main colliery was owned by the philanthropist Arthur Markham who, in the early 1900's, created a 24 acre model village known as Woodlands to house the colliery miners. The village consisted of cottages of many different designs with extensive open spaces around a village green. Living conditions were superb for the time and included flushing toilets and Arthur Markham himself took up residence there. The project with 653 homes was completed in 1913.

The Thellusson's, owners of nearby Brodsworth Hall, donated a piece of land which enabled the Brodsworth Miners Welfare Ground to be built in 1923. Facilities included a Welfare Hall with sprung dance floor, football and cricket pitches with a pavilion, a red ash 400 yds cycle track, 15 feet wide with a 10° banking, crown green bowling and a bandstand.

The Woodlands track held many well supported race meetings. At an event held in 1922 organised by Brodsworth Main Football Club, there were over 300 entries but the cinder track was "very loose and caused some spills". The 1929 annual sports organised by the Brodsworth Main Allotment Society was held at the Woodlands, there were 500 entries with races at ¼ mile and ½ mile handicap and 5 miles invitation scratch race. Included in the program one year was a "musical chairs on cycles" event,

Eric Allatt won the quarter mile, half mile and five mile events at Brodsworth in 1947 as well as setting the ¼ mile flying start record with 28.8 seconds.

Brodsworth colliery closed in 1992. The Woodlands village still exists and is a popular place to live.

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