Bury - Cycling Stadium

Gigg Lane : BL9 9HR
The first newspaper report of bicycle racing at Gigg Lane was on 17th July 1880 when the Manchester Courier reported "the sixth annual amateur athletics festival was held in a large field in Gigg Lane, Fishpool, Bury. The weather was very fine, and the gathering was a decided success, there being over 6,000 spectators on the ground." The course was grass, 150 yards around but with a rut which ran across the track. Of the six events, which included Egg gathering (25 eggs, 1 yard apart), there were two bicycle races, a one mile handicap and a two miles handicap race.

At the Bury Amateur Athletics Festival in August 1881, the 1 and 2 miles bicycle handicap races were again included. From the old maps at this time, the ‘large field' on Gigg Lane was probably Bank Field.

Bury Association Football Club played their first game at Gigg Lane on 12th September 1885 and have been there ever since.

In 1888 the Bury FC held its first annual athletics festival on the club's ground at Gigg Lane over the August bank holiday. The sports attracted 4,000 spectators to watch events including 1 mile, 2 miles and 3 miles bicycle handicap races.

There is a report in The Wheel World of a one mile bicycle race on 15th September 1883 at the Castle Grounds by Bury AS Lancashire, but there is no other reference to this race.

Bury County Police held their sports at Gigg Lane for many years before two bicycle races, ½ and 1 mile, were included in 1906. Bicycle racing was still included with the Police sports in 1912, with 8,000 people attending.

Bicycle racing at Gigg Lane seems to have ceased after 1912. The 1955 NCU Racing Handbook shows a concrete track at Gigg Lane, this must be a mistake.

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